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Why Mosaic Glass?

Mosaic glass paintings are never static. In the course of the day they are animated by changing light, their patterns wandering across the floor, inviting your thoughts to wander with them.  Complex patterns of different coloured glasses are used to create a stunning effect.  You can see the way the uneven handmade glass distorts the light, giving a natural organic quality with bubbles trapped forever in the heart of the glass – bubbles that were frozen in as the hot liquid cooled.

 All the mosaic glass and mosaic glass tools, the painting supplies and instructions are included in this 4 hour class.  Relax and have fun painting with a great group of people.  Meet new friends or gather a group of friends, coworkers or family mosaics.  Or take a private lesson to maximize your learning experience. Leave class with a beautiful mosaic glass painting. Now is the time to embrace your creative side!

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