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Red mosaic glass cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch
Red mosaic glass cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch shown with easel

Mosaic Cardinal - White Background - Mini

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Mosaic glass acrylic painting, 4x4" with small easel.   A cardinal is a bold and eye-catching bird.  When deceased loved ones want you to know that they’re around, they might send messengers from the animal kingdom: small, brightly-colored bugs, birds, and butterflies are not an uncommon choice. Things with wings tend to get our attention, and if you allow yourself to tune in, you might even know who has sent them. Their message could be a simple acknowledgment that your loved ones are always around. And if you’re asking the Universe for guidance, seeing a cardinal tells you that Spirit is hearing you and guiding you too. Give this gift to a loved one who is missing someone this year.


The uneven hand-cut glass distorts the light and changes the colors. A mosaic painting is never static.  Its colors become animated by the changing light throughout the day. Their patterns wandering inviting your thoughts to wander with them. Prepare to be amazed!